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Celebrate Ceremonies of Significance

There are many events of significance in your life that can and should, be celebrated. These range from moving into a new home (cleansing and blessings) a new job or career move or retirement to travel. These significant milestones mark the changing events and progress you, your partner and family are making. We can create a celebration that brings blessings of renewal and reward for these changes.

Re-affirmation of Vows

One of the most memorable ceremonies a couple can design for themselves is the Re-affirmation or renewal of their marriage vows. There are many reasons why a couple would choose to do this, to honour a significant anniversary, to have the opportunity to include family members absent at their first wedding, and many other reasons. These are such joyous occasions, often with family joining in and playing a role they were unable to play the first time around. It is a wonderful way to re-establish your commitment to each other and to acknowledge the journey you have taken.

Significant Anniversary or Birthdaybirthday cake dad

The most memorable events in our lives are the ones in which we have a significant emotional connection.

As adults, we may want to forget how many birthdays we have had since we turned 21, but as we move through our thirties and forties, we recognise the changes that have taken place in our lives, and the challenges we have faced and survived. Our significant milestone birthdaysdad jack birthday, such as 40 and perhaps 60, may have a meaning to us that shows not just how far we have come, but how far we still have to go. Acknowledging the surprise birthday bestowed on us by a significant other or best friend is a great way to show your appreciation for the support you bring to each other and those in your wider social group. After all, it’s about having a bit of fun and enjoying friendship and company.

We have many significant anniversaries, but the ones most memorable to us may be the ones that reflect the joy derived from our years of marriage. Celebrating the milestones of our married years, whether Paper or Pearl, can allow us to reflect on our changing attitudes and how we have grown as people together through the years. Demonstrating and acknowledging the love we have for our partner can strengthen us for any challenging road ahead or remind us of the joys and tribulations of the past.

Community Celebrations

A community celebration can range from a local neighbourhood citizenship1gathering to a whole suburb or regional event. These events generally commemorate or recognise any significant local event, from welcoming a new neighbour, to opening a local community centre, to creating a memorial for a local disaster, such as loss from fire or other disaster. As a General Celebrant, we are trained to work with community groups to create a ceremony that reflects and honours the particular community event.

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