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Not everyone chooses to have a legal marriage, indeed, some members of our community choose to live as unwedded (de facto) partners. Since the changes to the Marriage Act in 2017, same sex partners can now seal their relationship with a legal ceremony of significance to you and your partner.

For all couples choosing a non-legal ceremony, your ceremony can be created with the assistance and resources of your celebrant in the same manner as if you were planning a legal ceremony, the only thing not done is the legal paperwork!

As in any ceremony that is created with the assistance of a celebrant, your own creative ideas can be incorporated to make this a memorable occasion. From razzamatazz to a simple backyard barbeque, your ceremony will express your personalities, beliefs and values. And of course, the opportunity to create your own vows and to include special friends in any aspect of your ceremony.

If you would like more information about commitment ceremonies, please click here.

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