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The Significance of the Funeral Ceremony

When a loved one dies, no matter how, the feelings of loss and grief that arise can be overwhelming to close family and friends. We can ensure that this most sensitive of ceremonies is handled with empathy, care and concern. Piper R Watt - funeral pic - pro photographer pic 1

A funeral or memorial ceremony is planned with the immediate family in a meeting time and place that suits the family. The importance of this ceremony cannot be stressed enough, there is one chance only to present the life of the deceased person in a manner befitting the person and their life as it is interwoven with the lives of their family and friends.

We are able to plan, prepare and conduct secular funerals for those who do not wish to have a religious funeral ceremony. This means that the spiritual ideals of the deceased, and symbolism important to them, can be included in the ceremony.

We are aware of the significant cultural differences in Australia, with some groups requiring burial within 24 hours, to others who are ideologically opposed to cremation, and other groups that require cremation. You are given every opportunity to include any significant symbolism into the ceremony for your loved one.

Funeral Ceremony PlanningPub Funeral Planning

One of the hardest things that a family has to do after a death is to assist the celebrant or funeral director with creating a meaningful ceremony. Often, this is a difficult and stressful process and can lead to disputes that only add to the emotional stress.

However, for those who appreciate planning and wish to assist their family, a pre-planned funeral ceremony can be created. We can work through our Funeral Ceremony Planning booklet with you, which you can then put aside with your Will and other important documents. This generous act can save your family much stress at a time that is already one of the most stressful in our lives. Contact us to discuss how to obtain and use this important ceremony resource.

If you would like more information on funeral ceremonies and the planning booklet, please click here 

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