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Commemorating Our Companion Pets

This is a very special category of ceremony. For those of usIMG_0129 who have lost a loved pet, we know the dreadful sense of loss and emptiness that arrives suddenly into our lives. Honouring the place that our special pets have had in our lives demonstrates our loving care and concern for them and what they meant in our lives. In whatever way you wish to remember your pet, with a short memorial service or burial ceremony, we can assist you.

The feelings of loss and grief experienced when a pet dies can be as strong as if we had lost a family member. And for many of us, this is scout the nerdexactly how we feel about our pet and companion, they are a family member. We want them to be treated with dignity and respect and the place they had in our life should be recorded and honoured. We can help you to honour your companion pet in the manner you consider most suitable for you and the pet, no matter what type, breed or size.

Paws and Reflect Pet Funerals

For this reason we have great pleasure in our celebrant partnership with Paws and Reflect, the funeral service committed to burying pets with dignity and care. Paws and Reflect funeral celebrants work closely with families, veterinarians, animal welfare and the only two pet cemeteries in Melbourne, in Nar Nar Goon and Bacchus Marsh. Your beloved pet will be in the best of hands, receiving the most appropriate service while they are with us. Please contact us if you wish to use the services provided by Paws and Reflect.

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