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Significant Events

The Wonder of Naming Ceremonies

When a child is born, there can be much angst in choosing a archer orion 1name. Do we incorporate some of our family names or go completely modern? In Roman times a child was not considered a member of the family until named by the father, a most significant occasion for the child.

In today’s world, we can celebrate the naming of our children with our families and friends involvement. Grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles, godparents, mentors or  guardians, can all take part in this wonderful welcome to the world and to the family.

taylorharry1Children who are old enough to participate in their own naming can gain considerable self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. When the child is acknowledged as a member of the family in their own right, they can be encouraged to understand their role and responsibilities within the family, and can gain confidence in themselves and with other family members.

Significant Events and Rites of Passage:

One of the most memorable events to children and parents alike are children’s birthdays. From when we were one archer birthdayuntil we first enter ‘double figures’, the transition from 9 to 10. Or when we enter our teenage years, our 13th birthday. Our teen birthdays up to our first adult birthday, our 18th to our ‘coming of age’, our 21st, are all significant birthday events in our early years. Recognising the age we are, our new responsibilities and attitudes, is an important aspect of preparing for a healthy adult life.

The advent of puberty was once celebrated as a significant rite of passage for young people. Many cultures support young boys and girls through this significant time in their lives. This was a time when their role and responsibilities in their young adult lives were explained by respected elders and accompanied with ceremony and celebration. The transition to this physical awakening can be stressful for the children, a respectful and honest celebration can support the child and instill respect for the process they are going through.

The Journey - Adolescent Rites of PassageJourney72

A significant number of studies into the world of children about to become adults, has highlighted a number of issues pertaining to this sensitive time of life. The importance of self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, trust, cannot be understated. It is unfortunate that not all children have these feelings, and the program ‘The Journey’ was created by social scientist David Oldfield to help young adults make this important transition. This program is designed as a journey of self-discovery, and has been used with significant success by David’s organisation as well as trained civil celebrants in Australia.

Regular sessions are held through schools and colleges and in small groups. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about these sessions. If you would like more information on The Journey, please click here.

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